Extremely effective three-step skin exfoliation, cleaning and nourishment.

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3 Steps to Beautiful Skin

This three-step facial or body treatment begins with gentle physical and chemical exfoliation to open up pores, remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin. The next stage, cleansing and extraction, involves removal of debris from the pores with deep cleansing ingredients, and painless but powerful suction. In the third step, nourishing, hydrating solution is applied to the now-clean skin.

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Alma Clinical Department

Alma Clinical Department

Alma Clinical Department

Alma Clinical Department

Alma Clinical Department

Alma’s Hydradermabrasion Product

Used as a standalone treatment, Alma’s hydradermabrasion delivers a short-term glow, or can be safely repeated for long-term skin enhancement. It can also be used as a pre-step for a range of energy-based aesthetic treatments.
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  • Yes, DermaClear can be used on the chest and back.

  • A DermaClear treatment can benefit aging, tired and dull skin, and is also highly effective for acne-prone oily skin.

  • There are three dedicated solutions, one for each step in the treatment. In addition, a cleaning solution is provided for hygienic cleaning of the device between treatments.

  • DermaClear features a 360° rotating tip that performs powerful vacuum-assisted hydradermabrasion for simultaneous chemical and physical peeling, extraction of impurities, and highly-effective penetration of solutions into the skin.

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