Alma's advanced scar removal treatments offer a specialized solution for treating scars caused by acne, trauma, or surgery.

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Treating scars is not just about aesthetics; it can give a patient a whole new lease on life. Clinically proven for the non-surgical treatment for scars, whether caused by acne, trauma or surgery, Alma’s range of state-of-the-art solutions significantly improve the appearance of scars.


After 4
Before 4

Courtesy of: Alma Clinical Department

After 1
Before 1

Courtesy of: Dr Jeffrey Hsu, USA

After 3
Before 3

Courtesy of Dr Aristides Arellano Huacuja, Mexico

Acne Scars after
Acne scars before

Courtesy of Alma Clinical Department

After MicroPlasma
Before Microplasma Accent Prime

Courtesy of Dr Aleksandra Jovanovic, Sculpturerelle clinic. USA

After Microplasma treatment Results following one microplasma treatment on the Opus system, using the roller and icepick tips.
Before MicroPlasma treatment

Courtesy of Dr Maria Angelo-Khattar. UAE


Courtesy of Dr Aleksandra Jovanovic, Serbia

Courtesy of Dr Guillermo Badaracco

Courtesy of Dr Fabian Perez Riveira

Alma Hybrid_ Scars Dr Artzi nose after
Alma Hybrid_ Scars Dr Artzi nose before

Courtesy of Dr Ofir Artzi

Alma Hybrid Scars Dr Artzi forehead after
Alma Hybrid Scars Dr Artzi forehead b

Courtesy of Dr Ofir Artzi

Courtesy of Dr Aristides Arellano Huacuja After
Courtesy of Dr Aristides Arellano Huacuja Before

Courtesy of Dr Aristides Arellano Huacuja

Courtesy of Dr Aleksandra Jovanovic, Serbia

Courtesy of Dr Maria Angelo-Khattar


  • Acne scars

    Alma’s scar revision solutions use an array of advanced technologies, including ablative, non-ablative laser and RF plasma, to trigger dermal remodeling and the synthesis of new collagen, to treat atrophic scars, such as those resulting from severe acne.
  • Trauma scars

    Alma’s lasers can significantly improve scar tissue resulting from significant injury to the skin, triggering neocollagenesis to replace the fibrotic tissue with healthy healed skin, resulting in more uniform skin, and reducing the appearance of the scar.
  • Surgical scars

    As the body heals post-surgery, the tissue that forms to close gaps and repair damaged skin can be unsightly. Alma’s solutions use ablative fractional laser treatment to safely and effectively improve the texture, thickness and color of such hypertrophic scars.

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Our advanced scar removal machines renowned for their effectiveness offer a comprehensive range of scar revision treatments, encompassing various energy-based technologies. Aligning with recent international consensus, these technologies, particularly our acne scar removal treatments, are recognized as a primary therapy in the effective management of scars.

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  • All of our technologies are backed up with clinical studies and publications


  • Harmony XLR Pro and Alma-Q can also be used to treat a variety of scars.

  • As well as laser-based scar revision treatments, Alma offers its revolutionary, clinically-proven RF-Pixel technology.

  • Alma’s solutions for scar revision range from the CO2 gold standard device, to non-ablative lasers, to Alma’s patented microplasma technology.

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